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Assalamualaikum. I'm just a person searching for the true meaning of Islam..Hate me I don't care :)



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Something new!

Cuba teka ape yang aku nak cakap ngan korang semua???Siapa correct I give a hug sapa salah I give a punch..
Hehe no no no just kidding.see this pic first:

semalam I try to wear it then ..you know what.Pedih giler mate mmg merah teruk macam beruk jer.
And aku ada benda want to tell you guys.PLEASE BELI BUKU DARI JEMARI SENI karya HLOVATE TAU...sebab sebab is dia mmmg penulis buku/author yg terhebat aq penah tngok.Novel dia yg terbest is aA+bB and [tunas].novel terbaru dia is Contengan Jalanan(xsilap lar.)

Kay guys that is just all of what aku nak ceritakn today at this time at this minute at this second.Hope you guys enjoy it as much I enjoy writting novels.

P/S:like it or leave it and now the new word is Follow or leave it and another is Comment or leave it.. ^^'
please don't take it too seriously but I never have any follower or any comments by u guys and I felt pitty for myself coz u guys just see my blog without leaving anything behind..Bye Assalamualaikum u all !