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You Are My Heart! (song written by me)

You Are My Heart by Shamine Hanis..

The sounds you’re making,
The light you’re shining,
That what makes me always think of you.

The steps you’re taking,
The songs you’re singing,
You always make me happy……

You always sit beside me,
When I’m feeling sad,
You always cheer me up,
When I’m not so happy.

©The day you came to this world,
I know it was you,
‘Cause you are my heart,
You light up my life.

When I knew that you are my heart,
I always think of my life,
I always remember the first word you said to me,
That I’m your favourite star,
That brights up your life.

Every breath you take,
I always do the same……
Everything you touched,
I also touch the same thing,

Repeat ©

I know you are my heart……
And always stays the same……
You are my heart,
You are my life,
That will last forever……

Shamine  *copypaste nie dari notes Shamine kat Facebook..Nie lagu first written by Shamine.Handwriting(original punya).Harap korang semua like lagu Shamine nie..

K bye,Assalamualaikum semua. =)