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Assalamualaikum. I'm just a person searching for the true meaning of Islam..Hate me I don't care :)



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Well Helloo

   Hehe been gone for ages. I'm no longer a BPKR but a PKR. banyak tanggungjawab okay. Stress exam stress hal pengawas stress hal rumah stress hal macam macam la. I should not tell. Minggu depan cuti hari keputeraan then next weeknya schooling days. Dinner Delta. I'm kinda busy with the preparation and all. I've met this guy. Tahu through Dania. Dania duk fangirling dia dulu. Hahaha. He's kinda cute. Sushhh. apa ni? Astarghfirullah . *slapsface* wake up Shamine. Hahaha.
  His name is AH from my father's hometown Penang. haha. Met him once masa coaching of coordinator a.k.a c.o.c. and that's it. we texted. been through ups and downs of friendship. Itu je.
   Missed aniqah,paida,firzanah,hamidi dan ramai lagi. uncountable okay. Firzanah I missed the times when we do the accent talk. I missed KRS ofcourse. hmmm :(
  Takpe ada hikmah disebalik semua ini. Just think POSITIVE + okayyy.