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Assalamualaikum. I'm just a person searching for the true meaning of Islam..Hate me I don't care :)



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    Well I'm here again. Tak ada apa nak cakap pun act. Hmm sir said I'm a psycho cause I wrote weird genre of essays sometimes when I feel like it. Who cares kan. Tadi after perjumpaan badan kepemimpinan pelajar tingkatan 4 after kena marah marah dgn cikgu engku tu me,omar and acap naik pergi bilik av untuk english class. masuk masuk je sir suruh omar buat oral lepas tu terus aku. And I was like nak buat topik apa niiii...... Keluarkan buku nota kecik and kertas. dekat buku tu topik love dekat kertas pasal the beauty of english language. Suruh kawan pilih and diaorg suruh buat pasal love. And so I did. when I introduced my topic sir buat muka tak percaya. Like I was really gonna talk about it lah. Haha
Then I quoted his harsh words that says:
You disgust me. You don't deserve to love or to be loved

Aku tak tengok pun reaction sir.Ahahaha markah dia tutup habis kot tak dapat tengok. Nevermind well this is for a weird padan-muka punya impromptu yang tak jadi sangat.
There's this girl. She is denying her feelings. Cause she don't want to get upset in the future. She don't want to love cause she knows she will get hurt again someday. Maybe or it's just a paranoia. Her hearts raced every time she was texting this guy. She always pulls a wide grin on her face. But she denied her feelings each time she felt like she had already fallen for him for real.

 Well. no worries then. Get married when you're 25 okay. In shaa Allah. Then you can fulfill you guys punya promises to each other as planned ke apa kan.
That is all I guess.